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Every single Peachy Pairs design is uniquely curated with your confidence and comfort in mind. Whether it's a piece of art, furniture, wall paper, or even just color palette, this will launch the creative process! I begin by sketching some designs, and then begin hand mixing colors to get exactly what I envision. 

About Our Leather
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I mix each color and run it through a pasta machine 20-25 times, this ensures that the color is perfectly mixed, and there will be no bubbles upon baking.


I will create designs, cut out the shapes, and then bake all of my components in the oven! When baked at the perfect temperature and time, polymer clay is extremely durable and flexible; and make very sturdy, lightweight earrings!


The final steps of the process consist of hours of sanding the edges perfectly smooth, drilling holes, and assembling everything into the Peachy Pairs you know and love!

Whether you get it shipped to you, or you buy from me locally, you package is put together and wrapped up by me, just for you!

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