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Don't worry! I cover a lot of my most asked questions here, but if you have another

shoot me an email! 


Can I pick up locally?

Yes you can pick up you items locally! At checkout, use the code SLOCAL to skip shipping fees, and then we will be in contact to arrange a date!


What if I am unsatisfied with my order?

I always do my best to ensure 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Never hesitate to reach out to me and let me know specifically. This applies more to wholesale orders, if we curate a specific collection together and upon the final product you want to tweak a few things, I'm down! I am always here to execute our creative vision together! :)


Can I get a refund?

If your earrings are arrived broken or you never received them, I can give a refund. If it has been more than 30 days since you first purchased the pair, or if they broke after the 30 days, then a refund cannot be guaranteed. 

What are your earrings made of?

All of my earrings are handmade using polymer clay, which bakes extremely light weight. Then sometimes coated with a shiny UV resin depending on the style.  Post style backs will be secured with resin as well, leaving smooth surface against your ear. All of the earring findings I use are 14k gold plated brass. Metal accent pieces are raw brass.


Will my earrings break easily?

No, they shouldn't! Polymer clay is a versatile medium and when baked at the very perfect temperature and time becomes extremely lightweight AND flexible! While clay can be strong, it is important you take care of your Peachy Pairs as you would any other jewelry, storing it carefully and keeping out of water. 


Can I wear my Peachy Pairs in the pool?

No, I do not recommend you wear your earrings in the pool, sauna, shower, bath, etc.. Polymer clay CAN get wet but water will tarnish the metal. I am still creating and looking to bring some higher quality pieces to the shop soon! 


Where can I ship to?

I can ship anywhere worldwide.

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